Charmante Trompeur Mentalist Las Vegas

Charmante Trompeur is a professional mentalist and can come to your event.

Classic mentalism performed, a few examples,

The Q and A, audience members write down a question, Charmante is able to reveal the questions and provide the answers with only a number given to her.

A small sheet of paper is given to five different audience members. Charmante turns her back while the five people write down a thought. The papers are given to Charmante who is then able to reveal which person wrote which thought.

Four audience members write down a memory and a key word on different sheets of paper in a notepad. Charmante closes the pad and gives the pad to a volunteer. The volunteer then chooses one of the memories from the four answers. Charmante is able to reveal the keyword and the memory. The four memories are set aside, and the volunteer takes their seat. Charmante then reveals the other audience members keywords and memories.

These are just a few of the mentalism effects charmante is able to perform.

About Charmante,

Charmante is mature and has spent most of her life in business or teaching. She has traveled and lived in 5 different countries. Charmante has a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. At this time, Charmante is in her last class to earn an MBA degree from Louisiana State University Shreveport and currently resides in Las Vegas.

Charmante is a transgender female, giving your event a different addition. Please do not confuse Charmante with drag queen performers or expect any sort of lewd performance. While those can be fun performances to attend that is not what this act is. This is mentalism performed by an educated transgender female.

For businesses, this gives your staff a chance to interact with a transgender female in a safe environment giving your staff diversity training. With Charmante’s business experience and education you can be assured of a tasteful, fun, entertaining event!

Email  or you may call or text, with texts preferred for initial contact.

702- 381- 3519

Note, this is a Google number and will ask you for a name for me to answer, thanks! Texting goes right through,



I personally promise you will be astounded at the mentalism I will perform. I also promise your group will be laughing throughout the show. I enjoy being around people, a trait many performers do not possess. No matter how large or small your event is, I would be honored to perform for you!


Please contact me,


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