About Charmante Trompeur


Charmante has studied the great Masters in the field of mentalism. Some of these performers are still very active today while others have passed.

Charmante is able to perform seemingly impossible feats of mentalism. She is able to reveal places, memories, people and events no one can possibly know, except the audience member. The performance is audience participatory.

Time after time Charmante will leave audiences astounded by revealing their thoughts!

Charmante is available for hotel events, corporate events as well as parties, weddings or any event where mentalism is appreciated.


Charmante grew up just outside NYC as well as Virginia. Since then she has lived in Costa Rica, Mexico (6 years!) England and came to Las Vegas by way of New Orleans, where she lived for years.

Charmante’s  degrees include a  BA in Hospitality Management and has nearly completed an MBA. Charmant has worked in the corporate world as well as the academic world where she taught in a University and private schools.

Charmante is not for everyone. Charmante is a transgender female. While some may have an issue with that, this is a good opportunity for corporations to have their staff interact with an educated, well mannered transgender individual.

Please do not confuse Charmante with “drag queens” which are over the top performers in outlandish costumes, Charmante is similar to cis women, except for her abilities to perform mentalism feats.

When you book Charmante for a corporate event you can be confident she is aware of corporate demands an event planner is under. She has a thorough understanding of what is permissible in a corporate environment, even in Las Vegas!



I personally promise you will be astounded at the mentalism I will perform. I also promise your group will be laughing throughout the show. I enjoy being around people, a trait many performers do not possess. No matter how large or small your event is, I would be honored to perform for you!


Please contact me, charmante@mentalistlasvegas.com


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